Watercolour Sketch: Seapoint Summers sun.

This is a sketch i did yesterday from Seapoint. Monkstown, Co, Dublin. I’ve done a series of these sketches for an up coming painting. It was a very overcast morning, however the sun was beginning to break and i could feel the heat on the back of my neck. People were starting to flock on to the beach. I perched myself on a large rock and started to observe the whole scene. The seaweed floating on the still water was very interesting and serene. Trees are always hard to get the correct tone/colour – probably too ‘green’. The sky was very subtle and luminous, with little positive hues.

You can probably make out the subtle features in the backround of the beach. After this i did another sketch from a different angle. I was in a hurry so i had to finish the colouring back home. I don’t like to cheat…but, i had to get back to work! I memorised most of the tones. Just been there was a tonic! Ireland in this weather is unbeatable.

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