Nick Fegan

I work and live in South County Dublin and have had slow but steady recognition of my work among my peers and critics. Feel free to contact me about any work and I’ll be obliged to assist in any way I can.

I have exhibited in galleries and public amenities over the years.  I  have been commissioned to illustrate a series of books for RTE historian: Hugh Oram of Radio 1 ‘Seascapes’ programme. Book in stores now: ‘Little Book of Stillorgan’ and currently working on another book: ‘Little Book of Mount Merrion and Booterstown’.You can find me on

I love to experiment with this beautiful and demanding medium. Plein-air painting and sketching (painting in the open air/landscape) help me see things much more clearly. Landscape painting is my purpose to paint, other mediums at present don’t give me the end result as this medium does. Oils and acrylics I’ve tried. They don’t excite me, unfortunately. I want my viewers to see I put all my energy into every work possible. I honestly hope this to shows through. I want you to enjoy viewing my paintings.

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