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Welcome to Nick Fegan Art. I am an Irish artist with a passion for sketching and painting Irish watercolours of landscapes & seascapes in Dublin & throughout Ireland. I work and live in South County Dublin and have had slow but steady recognition of my work among my peers and critics.

I have exhibited in galleries and public amenities over the years. I have been commissioned to illustrate a series of books for RTE historian: Hugh Oram of Radio 1 ‘Seascapes’ programme. The books are in stores now: ‘Little Book of Stillorgan‘ and ‘Little Book of Mount Merrion also Booterstown‘. You can find me on and 

Feel free to contact me about any work and I’ll be obliged to assist in any way I can.

About my Irish Watercolours

Watercolours are not as forgiving as other painting mediums due to the fact that watercolours are fast drying. Despite that, I love transparency most about watercolours. Planning and immediacy must be an objective.

The work shows my long-time passion for watercolours. I love to experiment with this beautiful and demanding medium.  I  like to paint lately with Acrylics & Gouache. Plein-air painting and sketching (painting in the open air/landscape) help me see things much more clearly. Landscape painting is my purpose to paint, other mediums at present don’t give me the end result as this medium does. Oils I’ve tried, they don’t excite me, unfortunately. I want my viewers to see I put all my energy into every work possible. I honestly hope this to shows through. I want you to enjoy viewing my paintings.

Irish Watercolors for Sale

Click and buy. Each of my paintings are carefully packaged and delivered to you. All of my Irish Watercolours are unique and would make the perfect addition to any home, office or as a gift for someone you love.


Sketch for ‘Boy Jamie’ Painting

Sketch for ‘Boy Jamie‘. I always do preliminary drawings to plan the painting in advance. This gives me a pathway and guidance to start the painting with more confidence. The biggest obstacle was the water ripples as it was swirling in the light wind. The ripples and waves were coming from various directions, so I … Sketch for ‘Boy Jamie’ Painting Read More »

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Sandycove Sketch. (painting to follow..)

This was an extremely cold and dull moring in Sandycove Co. Dublin. It’s a nice little corner about 400 metres from Dun Laoghaire town. Famous of course for its forty-foot swimming/diving area at the back near the rocks. In fact, it got to the New York Times in 2017 as one of the ‘Top swimming … Sandycove Sketch. (painting to follow..) Read More »

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Sandycove Sketch (for new painting)

This was a photo from last week at the lovely Sandycove inlet – Near Dun Laoghaire Harbour. The noticeable difference was the biting wind and cold air sketching. It was really hard to paint a watercolour sketch in this weather…other artists would disagree, maybe they would be correct! The particular area is behind the forty-foot … Sandycove Sketch (for new painting) Read More »

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Sketch for ‘Blue Day’

This is the sketch for ‘Blue Day‘ in my ‘Shop page’. I thought you might like to see the work behind the to speak. This is the basis to give me a general take on the scene. I always pre-plan a painting. The sketch is a mere starting point. My critical assets are my … Sketch for ‘Blue Day’ Read More »

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‘Seapoint with rough sea’ – Sketch.

‘Seapoint with rough sea‘ – Sketch. This is the sketch for the previous post. It’s the preliminary sketch for the above title. I always try to do at least one sketch before I tackle a painting. Sketching is my ‘map’ for guidance and clarity on various elements of the final painting: tone, values and sometimes … ‘Seapoint with rough sea’ – Sketch. Read More »

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‘Seapoint with rough sea’

I painted this from Seapoint last week. The water was freezing and very rough. The swimmers are what I honed in on here. I did a quick preliminary sketch before I went for it. I will admit, that I simply couldn’t paint in the extremely cold conditions. I did achieve to finish the sketch to … ‘Seapoint with rough sea’ Read More »

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Killiney Beach Bathing Area – Watercolour Sketch.

Killiney Beach bathing area is a commission for a client which I did this week. I was delighted to be able to assist him with this project in one of the most beautiful beaches in Dublin. I’ve know this little concrete hideout for years and it is a real bathers ‘haunt’ tucked away in the … Killiney Beach Bathing Area – Watercolour Sketch. Read More »

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‘Sunset at Sandycove’

I enjoyed working on this watercolour. My main challenge: getting the setting sun correct, not just that, but, making sure it was vivid and had the feeling and warmth and strength in the sun. I hope I’ve achieved this somewhat. The figures silhouetted gives some added interest and balance. A warm uniformed harmony of browns, … ‘Sunset at Sandycove’ Read More »

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‘Miranda’ Howth Harbour

This is a recent painting of a fishing vessel. I was adamant to get this as right as possible. I am happy with the out come. I get immersed in painting boats and all marine life. This boat was just ‘alone’ in dock. I had to paint it! I took photos from every angle to … ‘Miranda’ Howth Harbour Read More »

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