‘The Old House’ *SOLD*


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‘The Old House’: watercolour painting of the River Slate. I’ve always loved to paint water scenes. Here is no exception. Situated between between Rathangen and Naas, Co. Kildare is the setting of this tranquil scene. It features all the elements of a countryside mid-summer: lush green vegetation, mature trees and derelict buildings. I am drawn to the lazy settings of country life and all her beauty. Co. Kildare is flat land, and there is an abundance of amazing places to paint.

This particular location where the painting is done is indeed very ‘paintable’. The old (gate lock) house and the surrounding green fields, etc makes for a great perspective and composition. I did a few thumbnail sketches for this work here.

I wanted to keep the theme mostly greens, warm greens and subtle yellows. My watercolour palette was limited to about five colours.

Dimensions31 cm


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