‘Day’s End’ Sketch.

This sketch is simple, but appropriate to my painting. I always try to plan out my sketches beforehand. When I began sketching: Day’s End I was thinking of the finished painting. Even though it’s a coloured pencil sketch, it has a lot of elements in it I needed for the painting. The setting sun for example was the key area of interest -it’s all about light and colour! Nothing really else matters.

The lines are mostly drawn in a horizontal fashion, and this gives me more freedom. Some people do pencil hatching with their lines, however, I like to approach it differently. I love to experiment with different drawing styles – mostly with thick heavy pencils in a linear way. I like anything from 5B to 12B. As I’ve said the same in a previous blogpost, heavy pencil strokes truly make a real difference to a good sketch. what they initially do is bring out your genuine personality through the expression of deep and dark lines.

I don’t have any 12B pencil sketches here, but you will see them in my other sketches. It’s difficult to achieve what you need to with coloured pencil sketches when you look at a good watercolour. Watercolour pencils allow me to be open and expressive. To see a way into my vision of where I’m going with any work ahead.

Below is an example of the detailed and close up image of the lighthouse.

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