‘Grey Ruins’ Sketch.

Here you’ll see the sketch for Grey Ruins Killiney Hill. Here you can see the original painting on my shop page based on this sketch.

I find sketching as rewarding as painting En Plein-Air at times, especially in tough weather conditions. I can get notes and colour tones in..just like a personal diary. You’ll see from the sketch the little notes I’d taken down, it’s a way I can record what I feel emotionally at that time – even more so, it’s clear in my mind what I’ve remembered too when I was on that hill at that particular time. Feeling the freezing wind in my face, my fingers partially numb. All these things can’t be sought in the studio or working off a photo. That’s why I paint/sketch out as much as possible.

Strong pencil lines are a must for a good sketch personally. It shows the emotive reason for a sketch. I can’t stand using an HB pencil, as it’s more for mechanical purposes. What i do use is anything from a 5B to a 12B pencil, and the latter being VERY strong and will definitely leave its mark…(excuse the pun). When you study the sketch, you’ll see what I mean by strong/heavy lines with a pencil. If I did it with an HB pencil, it would look weak and bland: (If you look at the link, the video shows the pencil lines are subtle, really for portraiture and mechanical drawings) A good sketch needs Strong and vigorous lines.

Grey Ruins Sketch. Killiney Hill, Co. Dublin Ireland is: size A4. on cartridge paper.

Just after i sketched, you can barely make out the hill above sketch pad.

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