|Teasels Sketch. Cabinteely Park.

Teasels Sketch. Cabinteely Park based on my painting on my shop page here. I enjoyed doing this watercolour painting. It was done very loosely and spontaneously. Unlike many of my other paintings, this was done really quickly as opposed to my others.

It’s a loose sketch. I always include some other art mediums along with my pencil sketches. Otherwise, it’s mundane and rather dull I feel. Sometimes you need to experiment, and not just constantly do pencil work all the time. I really get bored with the same pencils, and like to ‘mix it up’. here you’ll see some white marks…that’s gouache. It makes great highlights for the area that need an extra PUNCH!

Before I start a sketch, I always take time out before I start to analyse the area of interest. There’s nothing like taking a few minutes to study your subject beforehand. Otherwise, you may regret it afterwards. I’ve done many sketches, and some I had to do again as I didn’t take a few minutes to correct in my mind what I simply had planned

A4 Watercolour Pencil Sketch.

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