‘Cold Morning Sandycove’ Sketch.

This sketch: ‘Cold Morning Sandycove’ was nothing unusual as per-say. I did want to try sketching and painting it in different conditions and this was the time. I was not busy, and I wanted to take all the opportunity to sketch this scene. I love this part of the world: Sandycove near Dun Laoghaire by the sea.

The day was seriously cold and a painting challenge. I didn’t realise the skills and bravado that Plein-air artists face until I tried this myself. Painting and working Plein-air in ‘normal’ weather conditions are tough enough, but when your against a -5C northerly cold wind chill hitting you in the face..(and fingers) at the same time, attempting to concentrate on a painting/sketch for a half-hour, it’s a whole different animal!

As you can tell from the photos: the day looks dark and I’m not sure you can see that the lines on the sketchpad are squiggly and indirect? However, I can assure you they are. The painting, be it FAST painted…maybe 20 minutes. This was done for two reasons: No 1: I had to work quickly, the cold. No 2: I wanted to sharpen my skills, I knew by working quickly that watercolour is fresher and spontaneous as opposed to taking two hours, and looking laboured and tired.

Cold Morning Sandycove has given me the confidence to carry on painting more En-Plein air works from different locations and specific spots of interest around Dublin and Co. Dublin. I realise just how difficult it is to actually get out and paint. But, just getting off MY butt and making that move to: ‘get out there’ can be enough. It’s like going to work, that’s how I will treat it from now on in. Just another day in the office I guess…’Gone painting’!!

This is the ‘squiggly lines’ i was talking about in the blogpost above.

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