‘Eustace Bridge’ Baggot Street

I’ve done a post of this Gouache painting on my ‘Shop Page‘. This is the sketch based on that painting. Nothing like working at the scene of a painting your working on. It’s the feel of the wind on your face, the humming of bird song and the compliments of ‘some’ people egging you on – that really spurs me on to keep painting. All these things are essential for a good painting to turn out, or more so: a ‘genuine’ painting to turn out!

The sketch you see was done from some thumbnail sketches and a number of notes scattered along the sides of the sketch. Eustace Bridge Baggot Street is not that attractive in its self, but what I found that did make it appealing was the Grand Canal and its beautiful surroundings.

I love to add notes. If anything, reference notes alone would be beneficial if I ever forgot my sketchbook. Memories/notes to me are as good as a photo, or better! A photo is a reference and nothing more.

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