‘James Joyce Tower’ Sketch.

Working on this sketch: ‘en Plein -air‘ and, if your aware, I hate working form photos; As I feel they’re less authentic and honest. Mind you, been in lockdown now, sometimes I’ll resort to reference photos IF I need to. I’ll never follow them to copy, as this is not an artwork in my opinion.

The Gouache painting of James Joyce Tower in Sandycove tower: see my shop page has been there for many years. “Martello towers are small defensive forts that were built by the British in response to a threatened invasion by Napoleon Bonaparte at the beginning of the 19th century. These towers take their name from a 16th-century tower located at Cape Mortella on the Island of Corsica”.

I feel i can’t work at a painting if i’ve no sketch/watercolour sketch before a studio work. It’s blind faith that i’d rather miss than commit. This sketch was done really quickly and spontaniously.

Sketch: Size A4. (Contact me if interested in purchasing.)

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