‘Dignity’ Dun Laoghaire Harbour.

‘Dignity’ Dun Laoghaire Harbour. Painted from a sketch done on the spot from the actual location of the subject. What attracted me to this scene was the beautifully wild and rough sea, with the ‘Dignity’ been the star of the show! She’s a catamaran boat – meaning that it has two hulls of the same scale and size.

The front fishing boat was totally a different boat. I had to make sure that they were not resembling one another, this would be disastrous to the viewer. The contrasting colours and sizes make for a gratifying view. The white hull and cabin (front boat) break up the monotony.

The sea colour had to be strong. I applied one strong wash with a mix of ultramarine blue/colbalt blue to make up the sea water. The waves were done swiftly with the side of a watercolour mop brush. The sky on the other had had to compliment the sea, so this was done lightly as not to clash with the sea and boats – this would have put things out of cinc and balance.

I was reasonably satisfied with the painting, maybe a little stiff in area’s i dare say.

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