‘Evening Highlights’ Sketch.

‘Evening Highlights’ Sketch was done for the Gouache painting on my shop page, it’s always a priority for me to sketch before a painting.

Painting Evening Highlights was different – I normally paint daytime scenes. I wanted to try fr the first time an evening painting. I hope I’ve achieved this to some degree…I’m still learning day by day. Only by sheer will and determination can I succeed in this way. ‘Practice does make perfect’, this is certainly true.

I realise that I can get really lazy. Some days I just can’t, or don’t wanna paint. Then, other days I will be working consistently and fluidly to the degree that I’m obsessive and committed to painting for hours on end. Like all artists, I’m no different, when things go good, they’re good, but when things go wrong, they truly go horribly wrong. This is where commitment to keep going, even when things go south.

The sketch of ‘Evening Highlights’ shows natural and simple linear pencil strokes to make a direct statement to achieve a painting to suit me.

Size: A4 on Cartridge Paper.

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