‘The Blue Boat’ Sketch.

‘The Blue Boat’ Sketch is from my shop page. A gouache painting of this scene from Dun Laoghaire Harbour.

The sketch was a quick one, done on the spot..(on-site). The freezing conditions are always a constant nuisance for most artists – maybe I’m an exception to the rule…

This drawing of ‘The Blue Boat’ Sketch is very basic and to the point. I don’t do, or need fancy sketches, all for my needs. The notes are more benifical and essential to me. Sketching is not a ‘means to an end’, it’s SO much more than this – it’s a lifeline and a guided map.

‘The Blue Boat’ Sketch, (and any sketch for that matter) tells me so much more than lead squiggles and smudges. Sketching has always been an ongoing mission to draw every day, or whenever possible. Artists must sketch daily to keep their mind creatively constructive I’ve always believed.

Size: A4

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