Sketch for ‘Blue Day’

This is the sketch for ‘Blue Day‘ in my ‘Shop page’. I thought you might like to see the work behind the to speak. This is the basis to give me a general take on the scene. I always pre-plan a painting. The sketch is a mere starting point. My critical assets are my memory and experience, to be honest. I ‘go for it’ when I’m ready, as watercolour is a ONE CHANCE medium. If I cock-up, I scrap the paper/canvas and re-start – that’s it, I can’t display something I wouldn’t want myself. Watercolour is unforgiving…when it’s good I know when it’s bad, I’m my worst critic…as I think most watercolour artists are.

A4 Watercolour pencils/pencil Sketch. Contact me if interested in this work.

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