‘Seapoint with rough sea’

I painted this from Seapoint last week. The water was freezing and very rough. The swimmers are what I honed in on here. I did a quick preliminary sketch before I went for it. I will admit, that I simply couldn’t paint in the extremely cold conditions. I did achieve to finish the sketch to get what I came for – to get the essence of the scene. Oddly enough, this particular scene is not that popular sales-wise…I find it strange, to say the least! So beautiful and it resonates with many locals.

I was happy with my wave attempt execution. The water/sea was a beautiful blue/mint green shade. I highlighted the figures bobbing up and down in the water to give a sense of scale and movement. I could hear their cries as they approached the icy waters!

Please contact me on my contact page for purchasing this watercolour sketch: Size A4.

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