Watercolour Sketch for Charlemont Place. D1

I haven’t posted to my blog in a while. Due to work commitments. (i’ll try to post at least every week).

This is the pencil & watercolour sketch i did a few weeks back when the weather was so much better. It’s a scene we’re all familar with i’m sure. A beautiful afternoon. The sun had just come out as i was sitting on the canal’s rustic bench – i waited till i found the one location would do it for me. I knew looking east of the canal would be good…the red brick cottages shining in the afternoon sun, people walking along the narrow path and the lovely London plane trees which envelope the scene; it looked right. Even though it was a simple coloured sketch i knew what i wanted. The scene was etched in my minds eye when i had this sketch down. I sat for about ten minutes prior to the sketch to absorb it all…taking in everything like a pensive school child.

PS: i am halfway finished for a ‘proper’ watercolour to be posted to the website soon.

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