‘Velvet Strand, Portmarnock’

This beach was so interesting to paint and draw. I love the vast openess and studying the strong currents from the tidal waves, etc. Obviously the currents are more prevelent here than, say: Seapoint or Sandymount. The two Islands in the distance are generating very strong tidal waves and rip currents, in-turn, these can hit possible sandbars more inshore, and when all combined, make for dashing ‘sea horses’..(waves) when hitting this lovely beach.

The outlined shape of Ireland’s Eye is silhoutted to the right. Skies i love, are are mostly the basis for most of my work. Here you can see they’re ‘fluffy’, called: ‘cumulus’ cloud. The sea was a beautiful dark green, this colour was reflected from the darker parts of the sky. The figures make for a nice little gesture and hint of some life on this lonely beachhead…i’m SURE different story come summertime! Painting anytime of year is a gift. The weather we get in Ireland is unique: ‘four season’s in one day’, great quote, accurate!.. (Climate change also taken into account)

The sketch below is sometimes better representation of what was on my mind – it’s spontaneous and has action and speed, which is what’s needed when working in unsavory weather conditions. If interested in this sketch, don’t hesitate contact me: on my contact page. Size: “11 X “8 unframed €65

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