Storm Study over Howthhead.

#Storm #Study over #Howth #Head I uploaded this photo unsuccessfully to instagram. So i hoped it would look better on the blogsite. The headland is a bit overpowering…as in colour , too blue – however, it was ironically, very ‘blue’ with the over hanging cloud cover. Everytime i get a chance passing #Seapoint i cannot pass without doing a quick sketch, even for ten minutes (i seem to work better on a time line) It’s ample time to get down what i need. Working from #Seafield #Avenue. I saw this heavy lingering cloud hanging over the the headland and it looked so majestic and dominating. The passing #yachts and #toppers with their elegant and colourful sails gave it life and purpose. Painting cloud colour correctly is virtually impossible, it’s always changing by the second.

#Watercolour “10 x “7 this sketch is for sale. €50

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