‘St, Briget over Dalkey Island’

This watercolour was compelling for me to paint. I love this little Island. It’s so attractive and inviting. I got my inspiration from past works and a bit of knowledge from the Island itself. Been there many times before, i know where i like to sketch/draw it: a little patch of grass down a steep bank off Dalkey village. I always take a photo before i sketch or paint – just in case it rains. Drawing or watercolour sketches are indispensable aids, because it’s my plan of action. The boat wasn’t in the scene when i was there – i added it for pictorial purposes…looks so much more alive and active. The sea was a beautiful azure/dark blue, which in turn shows the hull of the boat much better. The centre of the island was lit up with this ray of sunlight briefly, so that’s where the photo plays a big part; been able to record it and go back to get that memory on the computer screen! The gulls would have been better placed near the darker areas, but still, i’m reasonably satisfied with the composition and tones.

This painting is for sale on my home/store page. Tell me what you think…

This is the sketch below of it to get all my corrections for final painting. The Sketch is: 11″ X 8″ it’s available: €65. contact me for further information.

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