Sam’s Pizza Restaurant Ardmore P.A U.S.A

I had a great time in the U.S. Especially Philadelphia. Ardmore is a little quaint and middle class town situated in the suburbs of this amazing city. I happen to come across this little restaurant on my way back to the bus stop and had little time to do a ‘proper’ sketch. I did a small reference sketch and finished it back at my apartment in the city. It’s a small watercolour on thick cartridge paper. I just loved painting it…why? i can’t give an answer to…

– and this is one. I thought to my self: ” wouldn’t it be just right to e-mail the Company and see if they’d be interested in buying it and hanging it on their walls” Watch this space….Let you know.

9″ X 12″ Watercolour on paper: For Sale: €100

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