‘R.N.L.I 14-33 Arklow. Co. Wicklow.

This was great fun painting/sketching this boat. A simple watercolour done on site and finished at home on cartridge paper. There is something so beautiful and simple about vessels in the water; bobbing up and down in an almost meditative manner. This little harbour, or ‘inlet’ in a quaint and almost hidden corner of the East Coast. The R.N.L.I Boathouse itself is really unique and somewhat different to other boathouses. I always love the effect of natural stone harbour walls too, just like the one behind the boats in this sketch; there’s something ‘meaningful’ and fulfilling – like statues, they have a story to tell. The vehicles bring in life and man’s blending of land and sea?? The more i finish studies/sketches like this above, the more they truly mean to me – much more so than ‘paintings’. A sketch has LIFE and vitality you honestly can’t bring back to the studio and re create.

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