L.E. James Joyce P 62

This is a watercolour I did this week. I posted it up to Instagram and Facebook also. I love painting /drawing ships and marine life in general. What attracted me to this image, of course, was the beautiful new(ish) vessel commissioned 2015: L.E. James Joyce of the Irish Naval Services. She is only a few years old. It’s an O.S.V. – Off-Shore Vessel. Length: 90m Speed 23knots; Crew: 44 persons. She was in Dun Laoghaire harbour last year and I took a few photos and sketches. Only lately have I got around to painting it. I was happy with the outcome. Very hard to get the colour of the water and the vessels tones, all very similar, so I have to make sure that the boat is going to be the main area of interest.

This small watercolour sketch is for sale: €50 11.5″ X 8″

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