‘Gannets near Ireland’s Eye’

This is an interesting painting. I’ve been a birdwatcher some years ago, and i love gannets. These ‘Northern Gannets,’ glorious large seabirds closely related to the ‘boobies’; genius: Morus family: length: 92 – 110 cm. Obviously they were the center of attention in my studio painting on my home page. This been the sketch; you’ll get a rough idea of my quick interpretation here – raw and real! Nothing hidden, that’s the beauty of sketches, you can’t really hide, i think that’s why people are more inclined to like sketches over the finished article..so to speak – it’s speed and genuine brush strokes which the viewer see’s and knows to be: UNEDITED! I always say a sketch is a map.

Size: 11″ X 8″ Price: € 65.00 (or contact me to discuss a suitable price)

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