Co. Wicklow. Sunset study.

I did this little watercolour study painted during the week from home based on a previous visit to this part of Wicklow last year. Done on Moleskine watercolour paper. A place called Rathnew: between Ashford/Wicklow town. It’s a small village, but just outside of here, there are rolling hills with boggy fields, lowland hills and the smell of the sea air! I stopped off to sketch this scene – this watercolour study above. Initially it was a pencil sketch. I knew it would come in handy as i would come back to it sooner or later. It’s hard to get the correct colour on paper. The scene as i remembered it was STUNNING! The colours were transforming. This is a ‘hint’ reminder of what i saw.

#Wicklow #Rathnew #Moleskine #Ashford

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