‘Breaking Sun Over Dublin Bay’

This watercolour is the start of my ‘sun experimental’ idea’s I’m experimenting with of late; I’m beginning a sort of; ‘trial & error’ method with my brushes creating sun effects. IE; What I’m trying is – creating a nice warm rich sun in the sky, then with my watercolour brush, I’m working with a ‘dry brush’ on wet paper and going over the wet watercolour areas with the dry brush to create the sunbeam streaks hitting the horizon line – the key to this technique: all before the watercolour dries, that’s NO time to waste, seconds we’re talking! It’s not going to always work, but I’m having fun doing it. Obviously sometimes it’ll go wrong, and believe me it DOES go wrong, patience is a virtue when it comes to watercolour painting! When it does ‘work’..great, happy days!

This example: ‘Breaking Sun Over Dublin Bay’ was somewhat of a trial, you can see it’s not really AMAZING, however, I do hope to improve with time, hard work, and some needed patients.


Please let me know your thoughts, id LOVE to hear back…

My sun experiment above. Below the sketch of the concept and idea for sun location and sun reflected on the sea, this area was more circumspect in the final watercolour painting.

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